Ladies Room Epilogue

You won’t believe this story!

So we went to another movie this week. It was deadsville, no one in the lobby but me. I decide to use the restroom before seeing the movie. I’m walking across the empty lobby and as I’m heading toward the restrooms I’m thinking to myself, should I test my theory and use the men’s room? And then I think nah… no one’s around, plus, I’m wearing a long dress coat and salmon colored pants… no way I can pass as a guy. But wait! As I’m 20 feet from the door a middle aged woman sounds the alarm from across the lobby as she’s approaching the restroom also. “That’s the women’s room!” she yells. Not once, not twice but three times!! Each time gaining a little more volume. My hand is on the door by the third time she says it, so I turn and say, “Well, I thought about going in the men’s room, but then I decided against it.” She immediately apologized and then tried to cover her tracks by admitting that she had once gone in the men’s room by accident. To which I responded, “hmm… That’s never happened to me… I can usually decipher the signage.”


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